Monday, May 16, 2005

What was I thinking?

Today I facilitated the after school running club with another teacher. A few sixth graders showed up, who were very energetic and sweet. The running club started last Wednesday, so the group is inexperienced, but they seem to be committed. Even though we only ran 1.5 slow miles, it was a great way to end the school day.

After the students were picked up, I drove to the track and ran two miles. While I was there, I saw my old high school cross country coach and we started chatting. I told him that I was planning on running the Hartford Marathon this fall. What was I thinking??? I still can't figure out why I said that. Maybe I was excited about talking "running talk" with someone who really understands or maybe I was verbalizing positive thinking or maybe I just wanted him to be proud of me for still running. Who knows!!


Jank said...

Hey, plenty of time to start training!

susie said...

I'm sure you can do it, based on your run last year. Now that you've said it, you can begin to make it a reality. Run, April-Anne, Run!!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Maybe it was the subconscious runner in you wanting to run that Marathon. You just ended up being the last to know!

When does training start?

Running Chick said...

You said it because YOU ARE READY. You are a gifted runner April-Anne and the marathon will be a great accomplishment for you. I KNOW YOU HAVE IT IN YOU!!

Dawnuella said...

YOU CAN DO IT!! I love Susans quote '...RUN, APRIL-ANNE, RUN!!"

I will be there to watch you cross that line baby! We all have faith in you girl!

These sneakers were made for walking...and they walk right over the finishing line. LOL. sorry at my chessiness. i was trying to get it to match up w/that song "these boots were made for walking..."

anyhow...YOU CAN DO IT! good luck!!