Sunday, May 15, 2005

What would your book shelf say?

I am still here. I haven't blogged in forever because life has been crazy--and honestly my running has been very sporadic, so I was a little embarrassed to even post. But now I am back on track and more focused. I had a great run today and I am looking forward to more sunny days.

Question of the week ~ What does your book shelf reveal about yourself? I think you can really learn a lot about a person just by looking at what they read. I noticed that almost all of my books can be put into one of four categories, three of which I am passionate about.
Here is a quick sample.

1. Running/Fitness
A. It's Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong (also read and recommend by Mark)
B. I Run therefore I Am Nuts by Bob Schwartz (a hilarious book Dianna gave me for my birthday)
C. Chi Running by Danny dryer

2. Faith
A. NIV Student Study Bible
B. A Place of Quiet Rest by Nancy leigh DeMoss
C. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (I highly recommend this one.)

3. Education (future teacher)
A. Rethinking Phonics by Dahl, Scharer, Lawson, Grogan (I hated this book during the middle of the semester, but looking back I think it provided valid points which I will be able to use in the future.)
B. Children's Literature in the Elementary School by C. Huck
C. The Essential 55 by Ron Clark

4. And of course...the various miscellaneous books
A. Cooking With Friends by A. Wilson and J. Bishop (I hate to cook, so needless to say I think I have only opened this book twice.) :)
B. The Berlitz Self-Teacher, Spanish (After a trip to Mexico, I came back the States and attempted to teach myself Spanish--although I think I only remember 10 Spanish words!) :)
C. A "Homemade" Book made by my 4th grade class--priceless!


susie said...

Welcome back! The end of the school year is always chaotic, but the break is coming soon:) Love your idea about the bookshelf. Hope we can get a run in together this summer....

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Oh man, my bookshelf has two categories: Chocolate and running. No joke. One half has all the chocolate books and the other half has the Higdon books, ChiRunning, and my Runner's World mags.

jeff said...

ooh...good question, aa. mark threw the book question at me recently, so i guess i'll have to get off my butt and answer now.

welcome back!

brent said...

hi. cool book list. here's a good one that i'm reading (not sure if this link will work tho):

i like your idea about the ironing, heh!! :)

the m-word is early october so not really much time! yikes.

brent said...

oh---yep following hidgon.

Liz said...

I have been reading your blog for sometime now, and I am even more encouraged by your book shelf! Thanks so much for this post. Good luck in the Hartford Marathon. My sister lives in West Hartford, what a great area to run in.