Thursday, September 16, 2004

Number 18

This afternoon I bumped into my old cross country coach from high school (Mr. Lunt) which triggered a recollection of many wonderful cross country memories. Mr. Lunt was the one who inspired me, encouraged me, and taught me what it meant to be a runner. He changed my view of running forever. (I started cross country with the belief that running was only an extracurricular activity to add to my college application when senior year rolled around, but in the end, he taught me what it meant to be a life-time runner.)

After seeing Mr. Lunt, I went home and found my high school running journal (collecting a little dust in the attic). After my last race I wrote, "I'm glad I ran cross country all four years. It taught me a lot about myself, about time management, about pushing through hard times, about not giving up and giving it all you've got. Maybe I won't ever be on a team again, but I hope I'll continue to run."

I am not sure if I expected to one day be putting in 30-ish miles a week, but that doesn't matter now. I think that being a life-long runner is a process, which evolves unexpectedly. One day you realize, "Wow, I never knew my body could run that fast.....or that long." And, one day you might have to say, "Gosh, my times keep increasing, no matter how hard I train" But do you know what?...That's okay with me.....because it's all about evolving as a runner, understanding what you are capable of doing, and staying true to yourself and your values.

All that being said, I think I have to add another item on my "list of things to do in life".
#18 coach or assistant coach a cross country team
What a wonderful opportunity it would be to share my passion of running with a group of kids, and to teach them what running is really all about (not just an extra-curricular school activity)!

Miles - 2.5 Time - 19.55 Weather - 73 F, 81% humidity


Running Chick said...

Great post!! It's so true and amazing how running can change one's life..and sometimes it takes a while to realize the impact it has truly made.

Richard said...

Its great that you were able to get into running so early as well. Maybe you can use that experience to try to get other kids to join up - use the same logic, which they understand (about it looking good on your app) and just sneak the life benefits in right past them.