Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Extra Hills

Wednesday - 45 min. (4.5 miles-ish)
Due to my crazy schedule, I had to venture out for a night run. At 8:00 I dropped off my books, grabbed my mace (just in case), and started running. It's strange how everything appears to "change" after the sun goes down. I was hoping to find another runner along the way, but I didn't, which might be attributed to the rain. What kind of person really runs in the rain.......Besides us, in the RBF? :)

Tuesday - 50 min. (5.5 miles)
I met Dianna for another trail run. This time we took a new trail which had a spectacular view of the lake, but a few extra hills. Was the view worth the extra effort? Absolutely! I love going on new trails and with Dianna chatting away, the extra hills felt like nothing. (Well, maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration.) :) :)

Monday - Rest!

Sunday - 1:30.01 (I'm hoping it was 9 miles-ish)


Richard said...

Ah, running in the rain. As long as its not a torrential downpour, that's almost always a fun thing to do. And hey, the few times that I have run in a downpour (with one exception) I've seen some truly beautiful rain effects. Glad do hear that you had fun.