Saturday, September 11, 2004

Next Time...Triple Knot the Laces

Today was the Goshen Congregational Church 5K race. If you closed your eyes and tried to image a "typical" small, country church fair... I'm sure this one was even smaller than you could have imagined. It was filled with old-fashioned charm. (I was just hoping they would bring out home-made ice cream.) :)

I met Dianna just before the race and we made our way to the starting line (on a dirt road). At 10:00 the church bells rang, and we were off. There were two significant hills along the way, one being at the very end of the course. ~ Overall, I was pleased with my run, even though at the end of the course, I had to quickly stop to tie my right shoe lace. Why hadn't I double knotted my laces? Sigh...

Time: 23.56 min. (1st in my division---not bad, considering I was the only girl in my division) haha

Miles: ? (maybe 8, but i have no idea)
Time: 1:14
Results: I normally don't get cramps when I run, but during this run, I had a weird cramp on my left side, which only lasted for a short time (luckily). I attributed the cramp to the two large, greasy peanut butter cookies that I ate just before I started running. What was I thinking? :)

Miles: 3.6
Time: 32.35

I met Dianna at Mansfield Hollow for a four mile trail run. Along the way, we decided to turn off our stop-watches. Our main goal was to enjoy a relaxing post-race run.


Michelle said...

sorry i missed you guys. overslept:( imagine that with a toddler!:) Congrats on 1st place! Did you get another blue ribbon?

Anonymous said...

What a cool little race! Nice job. :) -Dani (,

kathy said...

Congratulations on first place! Great time especially with the shoe lace stop!

Pamalamadingdong said...

First place in your division?

Marshall said...

Hi, April Anne. I got your comment on my post about geocaching. If you have a Garmin Forerunner you can use it for Geocaching. It's not as easy as some of the other GPS devices, but it can work. If you have one (I don't remember if you do) let me know and I'll tell you how I use mine.

Take care.