Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Race Day Magic

I love getting out on the roads after a long day at work, when in the birds are singing and the sun is shining and life is peacefully. I love the feeling I get after completing a long run. But, honestly, for me running is more than "finding peace with myself"--it's about the challenge of a race! :) I love racing! Even though I am not very fast, I always have a blast. There is something about the excitement of a race that energies me.

I love this list by Dianna!
Race day magic
Race day butterflies
Race day FRIENDS
Race day food
Race day doggie-friends
Not to mention the wonderful sense of community that pervades on race day. LOVE that.

What do you love about race day?

Here is my racing schedule for the year.
May 20 - 7.4 miles - Bluff Point Trail Race (My first trail race!)
May 30 - 10K - Woodstock Memorial Day Race
August - 5K - Brooklyn Fair Race
August 13 - 5 miles - Deary Memorial Road Race
September 5 - 20K - New Haven Road Race
October - 4 miles - Coventry Fall Classic Road Race
October 8 - ? (1/2 or full) ?- Hartford
November 6 - 5K - Willimantic Veterans Memorial Greenway


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Wow, that's a full schedule for the summer. I find that I can't do that many or things start to break. Heck, things are breaking now! :D

Things I love about race day:
Race day FOOD!
Pinning on my number
Crossing the finish line
Passing someone on a hill
Hitting the lap button on the Forerunner and seeing a faster time than I expected
Did I mention crossing the finish line? ;)

brent said...

lots of races! good times. let us know when/if the last one turns into the "full". it would be great to read along with another first time "full" m rbfer in training! :) although that half training and race means you are no rookie heh.
thanks for the idea about not getting too worked up until the first week in june...good tip.

Michael said...

Sounds like you will be really busy this summer. I am concentrating on my two big Marathons this year.

What I like about race day? Let me think ...

... prove to my self that it's possible
... Seeing and hearing the spectators
... Breathing the air full of tension and excitment
... and above all feeling like an elite athlete (after beeing a 115kg guy in High School)

Good luck for your races!

susie said...

That is a full schedule. I hope to match up with you on at least one of them. What I love about race day? I am with Michael--proving to myself that I can do it.

jeff said...

i love the bleery-eyed feeling when i roll out of bed at zero-dark-thirty in the morning to make it to the race early. and i love how positive the environment is when i get there.

Rachel said...

Nice schedule! I like your list, too...

Things I love about race day:

t-shirts & other souvenirs
feeling like I'm cruising along