Monday, May 23, 2005

Twilight Run Race Report

This past Friday I headed to Bluff Point State Park for the Twilight Trail Run (7.4 miles). I expected to be 35 minutes early, but with my navigation skills--or lack there of, I arrived 15 minutes before the start of the race. I had just enough time to get my race number, pick up the race t-shirt, and find Dianna and Bill before the race started.

It was the most unusual race start. Immediately after the pre-race instructions, the race director causally said, "go" and we were off. There was no gun sound or normal warning. In fact, there was no official staring line either.

My goal was to run with Dianna for the first mile and then slow down to a 9-ish mpm pace, but without mile markers I had no idea when to slow down and after awhile it felt good cruising along at Dianna's pace. I stayed with her until mile six-ish, as I slowly fell behind and she raced forward. (I was thinking "Go Dianna!" but didn't have the energy to yell it out loud.) I felt good for most of the race. Granted I was completely out of breath and felt like I was going to die--but I didn't have any pains, problems or cramps, even after my pizza lunch and afternoon cake and brownie snack (the 4th graders had thrown me a party). I couldn't find the official race results online, but I think my time was a little over an hour.

The course was beautiful. Bill did a wonderful job summarizing the course in his pre-race post, so I'll let you read about it from this blog. (He also has race day pics.)

Of course, the best part was having race day friends. Dianna was there and we were able to meet Bill. We had a great time chatting after the race and we were all happy with our times. I hope Dianna, Bill and I can make this race an annual tradition and maybe more RBF members will join us next year!


Mark I. said...


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

That is just the funniest race start ever. I can't believe you guys weren't laughing for the first 1/4 mile. :)

"...I was completely out of breath and felt like I was going to die..."

That sounds like every race I've ever been in. :D

jeff said...

that's beyond super cool. you guys all rock for hooking up and having such a fun time.

Michael said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Too sad that most of you are over in North America. I think I will never get a chance to run a race with you :-((

... unless you decide to do the Stockholm or Berlin Marathon next year ... or the 100km in Biel.

brent said...

cool, sounded like a good race!

that is funny about the rock, heheh.

Liz said...

It would really be interesting to run a race with no mile markers!!! Way to go!

Dawnuella said...

Way to go April-Anne! woo hoo! you are amazing! Wish i could run like you, sis-tah!

Mabye someday Neil and i will join you for a run!!! LOL ! LOL! ;-)

Seriously...way to go. You are a gifted runner-we're both proud of you.