Sunday, August 06, 2006

Quick Race Report

Yesterday I met Dianna in town to run the Ocean Beach John J. Kelley Road Race. It was our first time running the race, so we naively believed the race description until we started running. :)

Let me translate.

description = flat course
reality = several 'rolling inclines'

description = slight hill at mile 8
reality = monster hill at mile 8

But, we survived and had fun too. The first mile Dianna and I got caught up in 'race day magic' and ran an 8 minute mile, chatting away the whole time and meeting new race day friends. At mile 6 Dianna and I separated, as I slowed down. The rest of the race was uneventful. I found my running groove and finished in 1:39:08 (8:33 mpm pace). I was happy. After the race, we cooled down in the ocean and laid on the beach soaking in the sunrays. What a perfect summer day!


neese said...

ahhh sounds like a glorious ending to a great one!!

Anne said...

Nicely run one, April Anne. "Rolling" usually means "huge" to anyone that actually has to run the course. Especially along coastal Connecticut.

David said...

Awesome effort and very nice pace.

Jank said...

But dianna didn't complain about it...

brent said...

great race april anne!
thanks for checking in on me lately. i'm kind of dragging this year! i'm disappointed that i didn't cut the weight i wanted to before traning started, yet i still want to finish m#2-- so i keep training. onward! sounds like your training is going great lately which is awesome!!! keep up the good running!!