Thursday, August 10, 2006

The server was down at work today so I couldn’t engage in my daily obsession of checking at least 10 times a day. I headed out for an evening run with dark clouds in the distance, not knowing they were heading my way. 4 miles into the run, the clouds got darker and closer and before long it started sprinkling, drizzling and soon it was pouring. It was pouring so hard at one point I saw two cars pull over to the edge of the road to ‘wait out the storm’. Thankfully it was a quick moving storm and I had an extra towel in my car. I just hope my sneakers will dry for my next run this weekend. I pre-registered for a 5 mile race on Saturday. It’s the same race I have done for the past several years, which supports a great cause, but my running partners won’t be there so I am thinking about trying a new trail race.
Decisions, Decisions!


Kels said...

I hope your shoes dried out. :-) I don't know why but stuffing them with newspaper makes them dry out faster. I didn't believe it would work but tried it once after getting caught in a late afternoon storm, and they were dry by the next morning. Good luck on your race Saturday. I vote for the trail run.

Run for Chocolate said...

I love running in the rain, but hate waiting for my shoes to dry out! SEe you soon!