Sunday, July 30, 2006

Take a Moment

Following the footsteps of Dawn...

Forget the complaints, the whines, the things going wrong in your life. Let’s take a moment to list a few things that are great.

1. I love my summer job because my co-workers are amazing people. They make me laugh every day.
2. The farmhouse. I have all the space I need, with a screened-in front porch--perfect for summer.
3. Running partners like Michelle and Dianna who get me out the door every Saturday morning.
4. My non-running friends who (usually) understand why I eat pasta and leave early on Friday nights to get enough sleep for my long runs the next day.
5. Yoga and Tennis
6. The Running Blog Family—for your advice and encouragement.
7. The endless possibilities of what this fall will bring.
8. Long weekends in Pennsylvania to see my wonderful sister and cousin. (Kia register for the Hartford Half. I Know you can do it!)
9. The anticipation and ability to train for another race.
10. My church--and the list could go on and on.

What's on your list?


jeff said...

yay for rochester! got any speedwork on the schedule? =)

can i add to your list?

11. the hill. hills build character.
12. the parents. seriously rockin' good folks.
13. friends who try to get you to eat healthy.

i could go on and on. heh

Run for Chocolate said...

Nice list, AA. Hope to run with you soon!