Sunday, May 14, 2006

The 20 Mile Monster #2

I didn't conquer the 20 mile monster this weekend. Instead, I retreated and tried to hang on for dear life. But, I did survive.

From the start, I just wasn't feeling 'it', but as the miles ticked on I found my running grove every now and then. Dianna's encouragement kept me going, especially when I talked about walking and she refused to listen. (thank you Di!)

Things I want to forget....
- the rain (sprinkling, drizzling and later pouring)
- the hills
- the sudden sprints into the woods to find the biggest tree because...(how do you say it with grace? Let me just say, everything that was in my system, went straight through me. yuck--that still didn't sound good)
- the weary legs and feet during the last few miles

What is that saying--what doesn't kill you,makes you stronger? :)
I'm ready for you San Diego!


brent said...

way to tough it out!

Michelle said...

good for you for finishing. even if the running water at home was the drive :) i miss you guys!!

warren said...

Good for you for getting the miles in. They WILL pay off.

Best of luck in San Diego!

David said...

Thank goodness you had woods to run into! 20 milers are a walk in the woods compared to 26.1, or so I found. Good luck!
Stay dry too. I have heard it's just plain lousy up there.

Anonymous said...

It is funny that you mention rain. I live in California & heard there is a chance of rain this weekend (although my friend could have been kidding). I actually thought of moving my 20-miler from next weekend to this one so that I could run in some cooler weather. Of course, it was my own fault for sleeping in last weekend (not getting my run in until 2 p.m. when it was HOT). The weather will be fantastic when you go to San Diego!

Joe said...

Way to stick with it and finish that monster! Good luck in San Diego.