Monday, August 01, 2005

"Reading" on the Run

I had a great run today. I went to the library after work and borrowed a book on cd. I listened to the first three chapters of the book which took an hour, but it felt like mere minutes. I was listening so intently that I stopped paying attention to the trail I was on and I tripped on a tree root, falling straight to the ground (thankfully no one was in sight to witness my misfortune.) :)
I can't wait to hear the next few chapters tomorrow. I don't remember whose idea it was to listen to a book on cd while running, but whoever suggested it--Thank You!

*In other non-running related news, I went shopping this morning at one of my favorite stores and found a pair of Calvin Klein jeans for $11. What a deal!!


Ben said...

Welcome to the fold, April Anne. I've been listening to audiobooks (and ripped DVD commentaries) for a while now. It's a great way to distract yourself from all the niggling little things that vie for your attention during a run. I can't say that I'd do that while running trails, though - you're braver than I am :)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Hey, TJMaxx is the best place for discounted running clothes! The end of the season always brings in tons of good stuff.

jeff said...

jon, smsmh always picks me up good running gear at marshals at a super discount price. they're seconds or discontinued or last years stuff, but they work just the same as stuff at the local running shop. can't beat it!

oh, and aa, i'd been wondering what listening to spoken word while running would be like. been thinking about downloading some books in mp3 and podcasts and trying that out.

Susan said...

That's right...Ben talked about it a few (many?) months ago. I've been meaning to try it to. Now may be the right time with some long runs around the corner. (Thanks for giving up your run with Dianna so I could have her tonight. It really helped!) Hope to meet you soon.

Sean said...

I've been thinking about trying out audiobooks on a run. I've heard some great things about it.