Monday, August 01, 2005


I was just tagged by Jank with this running survey.

Q: What are you training for now?
A: This is racing season, so I am training for several races. Here’s the list:
* August - 5 miler
* September - 20K in New Haven ( I hope to see you there!)
* two races in October
* I’ll finish up in November with a 5K–hopeful PR

Q: If you are raising money for a cause, what is it and why is that cause important to you?
A: I’m not raising money and now I feel guilty. Hmm....maybe I will look into it.

Q: What is the furthest distance you’ve run in your training and what is the furthest distance you will run before your event?
A. The furthest distance I ever ran was last October, 18 miles. I ran a half marathon, took an hour break and then joined Dianna for 5 miles of her marathon.

Q: What is your favorite flavor of gu? (or other sports gel)
A: I have never tried gu or any type of gels.

Q: How many days a week do you run?
A: 4 to 5

Q: Are you injured in any way right now? If so, what are you doing about it?
A: Nope, knock wood.

Q: What is one item of running clothing/gear (shoes don’t count) you can’t run without?
A: How can I only pick one item? I have to have an elastic to put my hair in a ponytail. I love my new power sox, I wear them every time I go running. I also need my stopwatch, bug spray if I'm going in the woods, pepper spray or the emergency alarm beeper if I'm running on my own and my sport sun glasses on bright days....but, I'm really not high-maintenance. :)

Q: Do you have a talisman you are planning on taking to your event? If so, tell us!
A: How pathetic is this–I had to look up the word "talisman". (An object marked with magic signs and believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection.) Seeing that I don’t believe in magic, my answer is no.

Q: Share one thing about yourself we don’t know.
A: I have had a credit card for several years, but I have only used it a few times-maybe 10 times at the most. I prefer using cash or checks.

Now, it’s your turn. I’ll tag: Dianna, Brent, and Ben


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I don't know why but this post has me just chuckling. It really does reveal so much about you, April Anne. Low maintanence, uncomplicated. These are very good qualities in a person. :)

And I didn't remember you ran a half marathon the day Dianna ran the full. I don't think I'd be running anywhere after running a half, except to take a nap.

Running Chick said...

two races in October

how modest! one of them just happens to be a marathon!!

and a talisman doesn't have to be 'magic' - it can be any 'good luck' you might bring or something you do on race for luck (like writing power words, etc) i had my dad's pin in my bike bag for the tri. Stuff like that.

jeff said...

yay for cash payments! debt is such a millstone around your neck.

Ben said...

Thanks for the tag, April Anne. I'm enjoying everybody's answers to this survey - it's nice to get a quick read on what all the RBF people are up to.

brent said...

fun answers.

re chi: i can't remember all of the steps either, i usually try not to push off too much with my feet and keep it floppy (ha ha). i think if you are still going strong with your running, no worries!! it is kind of fun to read about new running theories and forms too though.