Monday, August 15, 2005

Deary 5 Mile Race Report

This is what I know….
~ I have been training longer and harder this year.
~ I resisted junk food and ate a "real" meal the night before the race.
~ I hydrated well the day before the race.
~ I felt prepared, a little nervous of course, but I felt good—ready to accomplish a PR

This is what I learned…
~ The weather can turn everything upside down.

When I woke up on Saturday morning it was close to 90 degrees and humid. As I headed to the race, the hazy clouds parted and the sun started beating down. I met Michelle at the starting line and before we knew it, we were off running. Considering the heat I felt like I was running okay until I hit mile one and saw the clock. The time revealed that I was running a lot slower than I expected. As the sun continued to beat down I tried to remember some of the Chi-running techniques but my calves were tense and my "lean" felt awkward. The thought of picking up the pace seemed impossible. Around mile three I passed the guy from work that I occasionally go running with, who is normally very fast. It was obvious that the heat was effecting all of us, especially because there was virtually no shade on the course, although a few gracious people were nice enough to spray us with their garden hoses. At the last half mile marker I looked at my watch and realized my hopeful PR would have to be saved for next year. I normally try to sprint to the finish line, but that was not going to happen this time. I had already missed my PR and the guy I was running next to didn’t pick up his pace either. I fished the course exhausted and disappointed, but happy to be at the race. I love the spirit of race day and it was nice to see Michelle and her family.

*Check back on Wednesday for the race day pics.

The stats:
2003 = 44.41
2004 = 39.17
2005 = 41.32 (2.15 minutes slower this year)
Overall Place = 108 out of 259
Division Place (female, age 18-29) = 4 out of 17


Michelle said...

Way to Go April Anne!! It was a hot and sweaty race, it was good to see you there again!

warren said...

Yep. Weather can do that to you. Still, you put in an excellent time, on a very tough day. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Great job April!!! You still did awesome. Most people didn't leave their A/C and you were out running 5 miles. Don't be disappointed. Keep up the running!!!

Susan said...

I thought of you two at the race while I was struggling with my slow run. You did a great job!! Don't be discouraged by your effort:)

Lara said...

Heat & humidity can really suck the life out of a run - you did a great job under those conditions!

Jack said...

Look ahead to New Haven. Your added training this year may help more in something a little longer. Good job and good luck.

brent said...

nice job aa, that heat really sounds so tough. when that cool weather rolls around you be absolutely flying.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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brent said...

hi april anne. thats totally fine that ya mentioned my name. if all the rbf'ers knew it that would be absolutely fine with me (maybe even preferred). the main reason i kept it off the blog was so there was no easy link back to my blog from the working world. have a good run this weekend!