Monday, July 25, 2005

Who you goin' call? Ghostbusters!

The black could which first parked itself over Dianna and then traveled my way for a week finally flew far, far away. Last week I had an awesome week of training.

On Monday I ran trails on my own (50 minutes). The next day I went back and ran the same route with a guy from work and we were 5 minutes faster. Wonderful! On Wednesday I found a new dirt road near the house I was staying at and went for a long, leisurely run. Along the way I saw two deer in the woods. I took Thursday and Friday off in preparation for a long run on Saturday morning. Saturdays run felt really good, especially considering it was mostly trails. Dianna and I met up with four other runners at the hollow and we had a great time chatting away about future races, the most extreme pain we ever experienced, different running forms, etc.. I had a blast and the time flew. On Sunday I biked for half an hour and tonight I ran the trails around the dam (46 minutes - my fastest time so far this summer). I am actually getting a little faster-yeah! :)

I borrowed my boss's Party Music CD which really helped my pace at the end of today's run. How could I resist not picking up the pace when my favorite old-school party songs were blasting through my earphones? My favorites were the Monster Mash, Staying' Alive and Ghostbusters. :)

I hope the sun is shining on you this week!!! I sent in my New Haven 20K race registration today. I can't wait to meet some of the RBF members on September 5th!! Mark your calendar now and meet us there!


jeff said...

new trails are always a good way to ensure an uplifting week, and deer as well! glad your week turned around.

Susan said...

Great running there, April Anne. And I will see you in New Haven:)

Danielle said...

Hmm, I'll think about New Haven. Not sure how busy I'll be on any given day of the week, including weekends. But it would be a great goal.