Monday, July 18, 2005

Did you ever have one of those days where everything went wrong? I just had a whole week of bad days. Thankfully today is the beginning of a new and brighter week!

Here’s the list
1. My car had a flat tire on Monday morning (which I noticed just as I was leaving for work-already running a few minutes late).
2. I forgot sun screen on Monday and inevitably paid the consequences for the next two days. My back and shoulders were extremely burned so it was painful to shower and sleep.
3. I was so busy with other things I only had time to go running once.
4. ....and my minute miles were exactly one minute slower compared to the previous week
5. I broke out in POISON IVY all over my arms, neck, and between my fingers–need I say more?
6. After testing the water the lake where I co-teach swim lessons, the lake was closed because of a high bacteria count
7. Stress at work–I missed a deadline and had a lot of problems using the new computer because some files would not open. It was so stressful, I broke down crying in the office at least twice.

Okay, enough with the complaining. I need to be thankful I have a job, an understanding boss, the ability to run, a car that runs, the "invention" of aloe lotion, and the time to laugh at some of the crazy online home remedies for dealing with poison ivy(maple syrup, clear nail polish, banana peels, white shoe polish, windex, and a hair dryer).

This week has to be better. So onward I go!


Susan said...

What a week you've had. This week has to be better, right? Those home remedies sound almost dangerous! Take care:)

Sarah said...

Wow...this week can only improve, right! Hope that poison ivy is healing :-)

brent said...

oh no, thats a tough week. computer problems at work are just the worst. its like the computer knows you are under a deadline. i'm sure this week will be better! hopefully you can get in another good run too :)
ps, thanks for the suggestion of thinking about the 12 as a 6+6!

Running Chick said...

What the heck? I didn't mean for MY black cloud to come over and park itself over YOU!! OH NO!!

Maybe a Running Chicks Run is in order this weekend!!

ncmunchkin said...

Windex...wasn't that the fix for everything in "My big fat Greek wedding." ?? Hope this week is much much better.

BD said...

It's going to get better. It has to!

I abhor poison ivy. Do you have Tecnu or some equivalent? Also, I like Burt's Bees Poison Ivy soap. Both work great if you can catch it early. Takes the offending oils right off.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

That was a terrible week, April Anne. I hope this week went better for you. Poison Ivy is the worst. I hope you found a remedy (banana peels?) that worked.

Jank said...

On the flip side, your week makes mine sound so much better....

Things will get better.