Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nike Free Sneakers

I don’t have any running news to report. I took a long weekend “off” and my run from yesterday was uneventful, so as Jack might say, "This is a C+ post at best”.

I saw a new Nike commercial for the Nike Free sneaker, which is designed to “mimic the natural, barefoot mechanics of your foot”. Yesterday I went to a shoe store in town to see the new sneakers but they were not on the shelves yet. I guess that means I will have to go back this weekend and try not to buy another pair of cute, new summer sandals. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm, sunny weather! Happy Running!


jeff said...

i asked some guys at my local running store what they thought of the nike shoe. they all comment that they were nice for wearing around the shop, but other than that, they're all marketing hype.

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Oh, that shoe annoys the crap out of me. Their stupid ad shows a bare foot stepping with a heel strike to show a natural bare foot motion. Totally wrong! Hype and bad science, I say.

april anne said...

Thanks for the comments Jeff and Jon. I just found more reviews from other runners, all of which seem to come to your same conclusion. This was one of my favorite, “Yeah, they'll feel like you are running barefoot until they fall apart six to eight months prematurely. Nike is the world leader in hooking consumers into style over quality."

Jank said...

The commercials are really pretty. THe shoes look cool, too. But, other than being articulated, they look like a really well padded sneaker. Plus, they cost $85. You'd think that something supposed to imitate barefoot running would be closer to free.

brent said...

hey there. you need to sneak me your email address one of these days :) hows the running going this week?
i read the prequel to da vinci recently (Angels and Dem0ns)...i thought da vinci was a much better book. the ending to the prequel was just too wacky and stupid. i think for cross-training i'll stick to the elliptical? maybe some other stuff eventually. the shins are not doing so hot; i'm behind mileage this week and might have to skip Sat's long run until they settle down again which i'm really bummed about. see ya!

brent said...

hi. thanks for the new haven idea, i will put it on the calendar and maybe it will work out? is this the type of race that fills up? i might be starting a new job pretty soon (knock on wood) so until then its sort of hard to know what lies ahead on my schedule. but i'll mark it down and maybe it'll work....might be fun! i noticed jon's training. heh heh, cool. i hope your training is going well!! its pretty hot out here!