Friday, June 10, 2005

Oprah's Idea

It is almost time to write my summer resolutions (July 1st). Last year I gave up two food “enemies” and I started training for a half marathon.

Recently I have been thinking about one of Oprah’s ideas. I watched Oprah a few weeks ago and she explained that she stopped eating three hours before she went to bed, which helped her lose weight. I probably eat the most calories in the evening. I have to be snacking on something. Tonight it was an ice-cream sandwich and two packages of peanut M&M’s. I realize that I need to eat healthier. When I eat healthier I feel better about myself and my body feels better.

*I had a wonderful run today. I felt energized and fast (although the word "fast" is relative—I was probably moving at a turtles pace compared to some runners). :) I love the sun and the heat! Summertime running is the best!


Michael said...

Summer is the best reason for running, especially compared to the long, cold ,and dark winter we had this year here in Finland. It's so much more fun to go out for a run after work, when it's still bright and sunny :-))

Enjoy the sunny runs?

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Food enemies? LOL! That sounds like a Chris Broganism. :) I like it. I have many food enemies. Many. Some of them are double agents (like Oberti Beef Jerky) that make me think they are a good choice, when in fact, they are not.

And thankyou for mentioning peanut M&M's! Argh! (there's another food enemy!)

Dawnuella said...

Hey Sis- 2 packs? were they mini's?
You are usually so controlled! ;-)
I guess we all have our days. I'm sure you enjoyed every bite!

Hope you are having fun-keep up the good running! Can't wait to watch you cross that finish line! woo hoo!

Ben said...

I'm a big fan of not eating too late in the day. The worst thing about it is that it's sort of non-conscious eating - for me, it was eating while watching TV. I wasn't hungry; it was just somethin' to do while the tube was on. I've been streaky about avoiding it lately, but no-late-eating was one of the non-negotiable rules I followed when I eating healthier last year, and it felt great.

ncmunchkin said...

July 1st resolutions? Hey, maybe I should do that.

Yeah, late eating is common for me too. Mostly because I have sports right after work and don't get to eat until 8 or 9PM. I need to think about that one.

On another note, I have noticed I snack a lot while just sitting around and watching tv. Luckily, I've stocked my fridge with fruits and nothing else tempting to I'm starting to enjoy reaching in for that orange or strawberry.

Liz said...

So excited about your summer's resolutions. I totally agree. What is it about the summer, the hot weather, and icecream??? And after running, the appetite just picks up.

Love your blog!