Sunday, April 17, 2005

I might be famous!

This Monday I have the day off, so I am going to the Boston Marathon!! For the past several years I have watched the marathon on TV and now I get to experience it for myself. Maybe the TV news stations will scan the crowd and you will be able to see me cheering from the sidewalk. :)

Do you have any suggestions for a sign? I like Susan's idea, "Way to go (Your Name)!!".

My running went fairly well this past week. Right now my main goal is to increase my miles a little more each week and then by mid May possibly do a little speed training before the Memorial Day race.
Monday - 38 minutes, roads
Tuesday - 36 minutes, trails
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 37 minutes, roads
Friday - 37 minutes, roads


susie said...

What a great way to spend the day. Have fun!

Mark I. said...

SO cool!

You gotta make one of those ONE-WORD with REALLY big letter signs.

Like: DETERMINATION or COURAGE or something like that.

Those always get my attention!

The Thinking Runner said...

Good for you. Wish I could be there, but it's too far to travel just to watch :)

Alison will be running, maybe you should watch for her.

susie said...

April Anne, I'm sorry I didn't have time to see you guys in CT!! I'll be sure to get in touch once I'm up there in July. We'll definitely have to have a run together...though remember you'll have to slow down for me:)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I can't think of any cool sign slogans. Just make sure its HUGE so the camera can see it well. You can make one for Alison.

What a cool race to go see!

Jank said...

Didja see the ducklings in the Public Garden? Fenway Franks and Legal Seafood's chowder aside, they're my favorite part of the trip...

Annalisa said...

Sorry I missed you in Boston (I had to work). Did you have a great time?