Friday, November 12, 2004

A Week of Posts

I attempted to go for a run, but I locked myself out of my car with my running clothes inside. (Hours later I realized my keys were in my backpack the entire time. What was I thinking?)

Tuesday ~ 5.5 miles-ish, 50 minutes-ish
I met Dianna at the University of Connecticut for a run. It was really cold, but we were bundled up with multiple layers so we quickly warmed up. I even had to take off my fleece after a few miles. We attempted to do a mini speed work out at the track, but that was just not happening. Maybe it was the weather or maybe we were tiered, regardless it was nice to run a cushioned track. The tract was really well lit, almost glistening. It looked as though it could have been from a Disney movie. ~ The Disney looking tract was almost the highlight of the run until we caught up with Dianna’s husband who drove up next to us in his police car. He quickly announced on his loud speaker “My grandmother can run faster than you.” It was hilarious and it kept our spirits up as we headed into mile three.

Day Off

30 minutes, 3.5 miles

I made plans to run with Michelle in the afternoon, but by the time 3:00 rolled around the sleet did not appear to be stopping any time soon, so we decided to cancel our run. (Yes, I said sleet. Can you believe it?)


jeff said...

ah, embarassment. there is no finer motivator!

sounds like dianna's husband has a great sense of humor. and you must too, if you're able to blog about locking your keys in your car and laugh about it!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Yea sleet! I'm so happy that sleet season has started! I was getting too happy with summer and fall. We need to experience the miserable part of the year to enjoy the nice parts. I think. Maybe. Oh yuck. Sorry you had to run in sleet.

brent said...

i work in an investment banking/investment research type of gig. its pretty crazy! i'm not sure i would recommend it to anyone! :-)

susie said...

I heard there was SNOW in Connecticut!!! It's too early for this kind of weather, isn't it?