Monday, November 08, 2004

5K Race Report

Yesterday was the second to last race in the 5K Last Mile race point series.

The weather was perfect for a November race. It was in the 60’s, sunny and a little windy. Originally I planned to wear my new running pants and shirt (designed for cold weather) but when I woke up, I quickly decided to change into my shorts and t-shirt.

When I arrived at the race I found Dianna and her family. Dianna and I both agreed that we would simply “run for fun”. But....does anyone really “run for fun” at a race? Of course your competitive nature swings into full force as you hear the starting gun and begin to think “I just want to pass that one person in front of me”.

As we lined up at the starting line Dianna and I headed to the back of the pack and before we knew it, we were off and running or shall I say “sprinting”! At mile one we were at 6.55 (Wow, a little fast?!?) We were cruzing right along, hardly able to talk (shocking for the running chicks). At the turn around point I had a burst of energy and decided to pick up the pace, but that pace didn’t last long. Towards the end of the course, every one that I had passed during my energy burst caught up with me. With the last two tenths of a mile to go, I didn’t know if I was going to make it. Dianna and I were running side by side and she told me to “Go” so I tried my best and she let me pass her seconds before crossing the finish line. I was able to finish with a time of 22.23 (A PR for me, which I 100% contribute to the flat, paved course).

It was a great race and even though Dianna and I didn't run a relaxing "fun" pace, I still considered it a fun race! (Of course I wouldn't admit that at mile three when I didn't know if I was going to make it to the finish line.) :)


brent said...

wow so speedy!

Michelle said...

Great pace april!

Richard said...

That's a great PR. Makes me wish that I'd been doing more speedwork and less mileage ;-)

Mark I. said...

You make me sick! ;)

ha! Kidding. GREAT job!