Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Count Down

Two more days!! The race is almost here and I am so excited. As of now, my body feels really good and I feel prepared, but come Saturday morning I'm sure I'll be incredibly nervous and being to question if I'm prepared to run for 13 miles. ~ This Friday, I'm going out to dinner with Dianna and a few other people, which will be a great way to fill up on "healthy" carbs and relax before the big day. This past week has been stressful, so I haven't had time to prepare healthy meals. For dinner last night I had my favorite "triscuts and salsa dinner" and for tonight, a "cheese and crackers dinner". I really need to start eating healthy again......maybe after the race.
(side note from my last post - the race director e-mailed me back, and it was his error. i'm glad i wasn't dreaming) :)

36.14 minutes fast, miles - ? (trails)

45.10 minutes slow, miles - ? (roads around campus)


Michelle said...

You'll be more than ready April! I'll be right behind you the whole way!

Jank said...

Hoo-ray! Glad to hear the win counts! Enjoy the massage, and good luck to everyone on Saturday. (I'll be clearing dead trees from the yard, but there in spirit)

Susan said...

Yea for the win and good luck and fun this weekend. You'll be fine:) Enjoy!!

Richard said...

That's too cool. I'm sure that you were good to go for it as well. Only one thought - I know that you're back. You commented on my site, after all. So here's what we're all wondering: how did your race go? You won your last one fair and square... did you make it two-for-two today?

Richard said...

Well, if my snooping is accurate, you came pretty close! Moving from an 8:37 pace for the 20K to an 8:11 (!) pace for the half? That's incredible! Do tell, what's your secret? Or am I wrong? Looks like you had a truly amazing race though, well within the top 25% of all competitors, and close to the to 10% of your (highly competitive) age group. Congratulations!