Saturday, October 09, 2004

1/2 Marathon Race Report

I did it! I reached my goal, and completed the race. Horray!
...And now for the race report

~ Friday night I met the the running chicks (Dianna and Michelle) along with their husbands, for an evening of relaxing and pasta! Dianna was so sweet, and gave Michelle and I a bouquet of beautiful "Good Luck" flowers. Dianna's husband also gave us customed designed (Orange!) "Team Dianna" t-shirts. :)
~ The next day, I met them all again at the doughnut shop in town and we headed to Hartford. Along the way, I was skipping though the radio stations and I heard my favorite running song, It's a Beautiful Life, by Ace of Base. Whenever I hear that song while I'm running, it always motivates me to run faster. (thus the name for my running blog and because I feel like I have a beautiful life. I have been so blessed.)
~ After we arrived, I found my race number and I bumped into a guy from my high school that I hadn't seen in years. It was nice to chat for a bit, because it pre-occupied my mind from being so nervous. Before I knew, it was time to line up. Michelle and I started together, packed together shoulder to shoulder, with thousands of other runners. It was a perfect day for running! (cloudy and in the low 60's)
~ The first mile was slow, as every one tried to break out of the crowd and find their pace. Overall, the course was primarily flat with a few slight inclines/declines along the way. I quickly tried to find a steady pace, and settle into a running groove. Everything was great until mile seven.
~ I arrived at the mile seven marker and then it hit me - "Gosh..I have to go the bathroom. How is this possible, I just went an hour ago?"
Mile eight & nine - "I can hold it. I can hold it. Keep running. Don't stop!"
Mile ten - "I'm not going to make it!" I spot a port-o-let...there is no line...I jump in and out in less then 30 seconds, and I'm back on the roads, picking up the pace.
(sorry for the details....but I couldn't not mention it, because I have never had to stop before. I'm wondering if I was just really nervous. Hmm.....)
~ Along the way, it was great to be cheered on by Michelle's family and Dianna's friends. I did my best to finish strong, with a tiny kick left in me, and I fished with a chip time of 1:47.14
~ About an hour later I found Dianna at mile 20 of her race and I hoped in for a little while. She was doing great and I was so excited for her!
~ After the race, my legs were sore and I thought that after a hot shower and nap, I would wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed. I thought wrong. All the muscles from the bottom of my feet, to the top of my hips are sore, but I'm sure I'll survive. :)

* I am so proud of Dianna and Michelle! Michelle beat her arch-rival, and Dianna finished the MARATHON! Way to go girls! You have inspired me to running longer and faster than I ever thought possible. Thanks for all the support along the way! ~ And, thank you to the RBF for all the comments and advice you have posted on my blog since I started training for this crazy race. :)


Michelle said...

April- You are an amazing runner!! You not only completed your goal but you did it fine, fast fashion!! Keep believing in yourself.

Susan said...

Fantastic, April Anne!!! A great race and all the more fun to do it with your running buddies. Go team orange!!!

Kia said...

Congratulations April!!! I was thinking of you yesterday, wondering how your race was going...I couldn't wait to check your blog to see if you had posted. You are amazing. I am so proud of you for reaching your goal of running a 1/2 marathon...not to mention it looks like you had an awesome race time. So...dare I ask...what is your next goal???
:-) Rest up this week!

ncmunchkin said...

You rock! Sounds like quite the race.

Running Chick said...

Not ONLY did you run a great race - running 8:11's per mile and shaving like 30 seconds off your per mile average from the 20K last month...BUT THEN! THEN! You jumped into MY race with me and ran ANOTHER FIVE MILES!!! Eighteen miles total. On race day. WOW.

YOU are AMAZING. You are strong and giving and full of so much potential as you grow as a runner! You are a natural-this is your gift!!

I feel honored to be part of this experience with you!!

brent said...

woohoo!! way to go april-anne. nicely done!

annalisa said...

It was great to see you at the race! Sorry that I didn't get there in time to cheer you and Michelle on, too. Congratulations on your super-fast time!

It was a great day. Rob (the hottie - heheheh) even had fun. :)

Marshall said...

Hey, really nice work! I forgot you were racing this weekend, but obviously you had a great race with a great time! You must be really pleased. Sounds like you had a perfect half marathon. Contragulations!

Deva said...

I followed Dianna's report here and wanted to congratulate yet another inspiring CT runner. You guys are all wonderful role-models to us newbie runners. Hooray for your great accomplishment!

Jank said...

Wow. That's flying.

Like others, thanks for the continued inspiration, and good luck making it through the long dark winter.

Mike Paus said...

Way to go april-anne! Great job in achieving your goal and supporting your fellow runnners!