Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Back On the Roads

Tuesday ~ 4 miles-ish, 39.37 minutes
What a beautiful day and a beautiful run. The weather was perfect and the scenery was amazing. I love autumn in my little town. Nearly all the trees along the route were full of bright red, yellow and orange leaves. People had pumpkins sitting on their doorsteps and cornstalks tied to their sidewalk posts. I even spotted a wild turkey in one of the nearby fields. (Which reminded me that Thanksgiving is almost here, my absolute favorite day of the year!)

Monday ~ unknown time and distance
I woke up with out any pains or soreness, so I decided to head out for a run or shall I say “shuffle”. :) I left my stopwatch behind and took an unfamiliar route. It was great being able to go for a run for the mere joy of running, not having to worry about pace, time, or distance.

“It’s time to enjoy running for the sake of running for a while. To just embrace my passion for running” Thanks for the great quote Mark!

Sunday ~ rest day (still sore)


Michelle said...

April- Once again reminds us of what an amazing runner you are. This is my favorite time of the year too. I'll try to enjoy it in Vegas! See you next week.

Susan said...

What a pretty description! I agree about the time of year, especially for running. And what a great picture of "team orange!"

Running Chick said...

You've been running TWICE!! I am so insanely jealous! TWICE! After your first 18 miles EVER. You have legs of steel!

I'll be running tonight for sure! On the 'mill if it's raining. Looking foward to a nice, slow, short run to test the legs.


Jank said...

Love the turkeys. They're almost too quiet when walking, though. I was on a favorite trout stream one spring when I heard a godawful noise in the bushes immediately behind me - looked up, and there were 2 turkeys flying across the stream, louder than a helicopter. They'd taken off about 5-6 feet from where I was studying the stream, and I'd never heard them walk up.

But they made the morning.

I'm also glad to hear that there's someone else out there who sees wildlife and thinks "mmm, supper..."