Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Where is Mile 3?

September 19th
Miles - 10.1 Time - 1:31.23
What a perfect day for a run! After church, I had a big lunch, took a long nap and when I woke up....I was ready for my long run. The weather was beautiful, sunny, slightly breezy, mid 60's (F). I decided upon running the 10K race course in town, adding a few extra miles at the end. When I reached mile two, I looked at my watch and I was satisfied with my pace. I stayed at the same pace, watching carefully for the third mile marker, but after 12 minutes when I still didn't see it, I started to worry. Had I really slowed down that much?? I picked up the pace, intensely scanning for the third mile marker. Two more stressful minutes passed, and then it hit me...I had turned onto a new road after mile two, which was recently re-paved (obviously covering the mile markers). What a relief--I hadn't turned into a turtle afterall. :)

I surprisingly did not get bored, I had so much to think about (classes/work/family/and as Dianna would say, "solving the problems of the world"). :) Also, during my last mile I ran past a couple getting married on the town common, which was a pleasant distraction.

September 20th
Miles - ? (trails) Time - 30.15

September 21st
Miles - 5.5 miles Time - 52.02

September 22nd
Miles - ? (trails) Time - 31.49

** Thank you for all the comments from my last post. I had been denying myself an inevitable fact.....I need new sneakers. So now...the search is on! :)


Susan said...

Your run sounds delightful. Now that it's cooler, I may have to try some late afternoon runs myself. I'm about to head out into the dark, chilly air this morning:)

Michelle said...

Nice running April Anne. Hoping to see you tonight. Only a couple more weeks till 1/2 marathon!

Running Chick said...

Nice pacing on the 10-miler! See you tonight!