Sunday, September 26, 2004

It's a Beautiful Morning

Due to my crazy schedule, my alarm went off at 7 this morning, and I quickly hit the roads. I ran the Woodstock 10K race course twice-a decent run and quit uneventful. After the first loop, I stopped at my car to change cds, grab my sun glasses and water bottle. The second loop was a bit slower. (A cute scene along the way: three little children attempting to catch falling leaves from a tree in their front yard.)
Miles: 12.4
Time: 1:54 (rapid runner is not as speedy as running chick) :)

Saturday – nothing :(

If you are only interest in running, you don’t have to read any further, but I want to add something else that isn’t necessarily training related.
Yesterday I skipped my run for no particular reason. I wasn't sick or tired, I simply did not feel like running for some strange reason. One of the many reasons why I run, is because it allows me to relax and clear my head. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I think that skipping my run really effected the way I felt the rest of the night. Later in the evening, I started feeling; guilty about not running, completely overwhelmed with all my work, and really missing my sister. I started having a "pity party" for myself, with out even realizing it. Consequently, I must apologize to my family and instant messenger friends for being extremely selfish. I completely forgot about giving thanks for some the most amazing blessings in my life, like having a sister who traveled half way around the world, because she was called to work in an orphanage and having the opportunity to further my education...regardless of how much work that requires. I am sure I could go on forever----so no more "pity parties" for me!


Kia said...

April-Awesome job on the 12+ miles. Don't tell me you did all that and still made it to rock!!! What an inspiration. Keep up the great work. I love checking your blog while I am at work. I can't check my personal email from here, but almost every day I check to see your running updates if I have a spare minute during lunch. Go April--Go April!!! Also, I'll be thinking of you next week during your big run-I have it on my calendar....

Susan said...

Sounds fast to me! And don't feel guilty about being "down," we all have those moments. You seem to have bounced back nicely.

Jank said...

Unplanned rest days are sometimes the best.