Monday, August 02, 2004

Updated Goals

I always look forward to the first of every month, because it feels like a fresh start. You can leave the previous month behind and look toward the future. With this mind, I thought I would update my goals.

~ July Goals
1. Starting training for the half marathon - check
2. Eat healthier - hmmm...Well, I've been doing a little better...But in general not very good. Although, I did register for a cooking class, so I'm on my way to eating healthier soon, and I've given up donuts and soda.
3. Stop stressing about little things - a little improvement, but it's a process, right?
4. Learn how to pace myself while running - Oh my...Will I ever accomplish this goal? :)
5. Get more sleep - check

~ August Goals
1. Continue with all the goals from last month
2. Give up cookies (I still plan on snacking, but I'm trying to let go of one bad food item a month--but never fortune cookies!!) :)
3. Attempt a few sit ups and push ups a few days a week.

So there they are....My goals are out there in blog land and I can't them back. I'll (hopefully) report my progress at the beginning of next month!

Time - 13 min. down the street -- turn around -- 15 min. back up the street
Miles - ? (I'll clock it tomorrow)
Results - A normal Monday night quick tempo run, but this time it was not as fun, because Dianna and I weren't able to get together because of our crazy schedules.


Susan said...

I agree with the idea of writing everything down. I've just put my running goals in a table/chart so I can keep track of them. Good luck!

Lafe said...

Those look like good goals. Just giving up the soda will make a surprising difference. And I do the same thing... put down my plans online where other people can see them, and know when I've messed up! It's a great motivator.

Running Chick said...

Let's work on that pacing goal together! Maybe our friends in the RBF can give us some advive? One thing we should do every so often is run the measured Greenway so we can see where we are at...or do a track workout.

And I just started that push-up/sit-up thing this morning too...great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

NO COOKIES?! Wow, that takes some dedication. ;) (Dani,,

april anne said...

Thanks for the encouragement! :)