Sunday, August 01, 2004

Hiking Trails Are Not Running Trails

Weather - hot and humid
Time - 1:1.29
Miles - 6.6
Results - still feeling good--no pains, no cramps, no problems :)

This week I'm staying at house near Mashamoquet State Park. I looked up the park online,, and found that the it had hiking trails. I found a trail a little over four miles long and thought it would be perfect for a run. A hiking trail had to be the same thing as a running trail, right??? I was wrong! A mile into the run, I realized I was on a Serious hiking trail. Parts of the trail were really steep and there were a lot of rocks, everywhere! At one point, the trail went over a huge rock formation. It was a challenge to know where to step, to keep my self from falling.
It took me a total of an hour an two minutes. I "ran" aka "stumbled along" for 48 minutes, and walked for 14. ~ Despite my complaining, it was a beautiful trail and if I'm ever up for "serious" hiking, I will definitely go back. (I almost forgot to mention one of the best parts. I was able to help two hikers who were lost. Most of time, it's me asking for help!) :)

40ish min. easy/slow in the woods


Running Chick said...

Wow!! Tough stuff...and in the heat/humidity no less. Good for you!!

I sent you TWO emails about tomorrow's plan. I should NOT be allowed to give directions. Ever. Maybe between the two of us, we can manage to NOT get lost int the woods tomorrow. You seem to be improving in that area!