Sunday, August 22, 2004

Tip of the Week

This computer is on the Fritz and I'm expecting it to either crash or blow up any time now. So, if I don't post for awhile, you will know why. :)

I took Saturday off because it poured nearly all day and I must admit, I was simply being lazy. I made up for my laziness, with today's long run. After watching the women's marathon in Athens (Go Deanna Kastor!) I was inspired. I decided upon a long route that would include two miles of wooded trails at the beginning and end of the run, with one semi-long hill in the middle of the route.

* Tip of the week * When running in the woods, always look at the ground! (I had one minor problem at the end of mile one. I wasn't paying attention, and I tripped over a rock, which made me fall onto another rock. As I fell, I dropped my sport walkman and the CD fell out. Thankfully the CD survived scratch-free and the walkman still worked. My leg is still a little sore (from where I landed) and I'm expecting a bruise by tomorrow, but it was worth it. I love trail running because you never know what to expect!

Weather: Sunny/Warm/Beautiful (No Rain! Hooray)
Miles: 9 (seven on the road, two in the woods)
Time: 1:27.13
Results: My leg was a little sore after the fall, but other than that--no pains/no problems.


Lafe said...

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about the fall, but I'm glad you weren't hurt. I hope your leg doesn't suffer any aches and pains because of it!

Running Chick said...

And isn't this the farthest you've ever run? And didn't you run TWO 8-milers this past week? And isn't trail running harder than road running? Aren't you just kicking butt?

Holy smokes. You are so ready for the 20K and the half-marathon.

So don't wait for me...I'll cheer for you in my head as you cruise on by!

Mark I. said...

yup...falling is NOT a good thing! Glad you are alright.

птица (Ptiza) Odelay said...
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Jank said...

Go MP3 player if you've got the means - no skips, no CD's falling on the trail; plus it's cool, lighter, and you can keep your hands free with most of them.

april anne said...

Jank...a great idea, if I can ever get through the "poor college student years" or hit the lottery. :) A MP3 Player will be on my list of things to buy, along with; a digital camera, cell phone, and the garmin forerunner personal training device.