Friday, August 20, 2004

Finished the Book

I just finished reading the book The Complete Book of Running for Women by C. Kowalchik (which I highly recommend). I thought I would post a few quotes which I thought were helpful, interesting or motivating.

* "The rewards of training don't come with just one final excellent race; you receive them every week, with every challenging run you take." (pg. 291)
* "Most injuries aren't caused by running itself but by running too much relative to what your body is ready to handle." (pg.340)
* "Good posture is the most important element of good running form. Imagine a big helium balloon attached to your head by a string and pulling your body straight up." (pg. 35)
* "Don't avoid eye contact with strangers. A potential attacker is more likely to approach you if he thinks he can catch you unaware." (pg. 53)
* "After you run, take the time to take them (your running shoes) off by hand rather than prying them off with your feet. The latter can ruin the heel of your shoe." (pg. 191)
* "Don't let yourself get caught up in timing EVERY run. You can quickly become too focused on it. Becoming a slave to pace only sets you up to become over trained and ultimately injured." (pg. 38)
* "A cotton shirt can more than double in weight when it gets wet, and it retains 80% more moisture than most synthetic shirts do." (pg. 194)
* "It's on the rest days of training that your body actually gets stronger and faster. Rest is just as important to improvement as long runs, intervals and hill repeats are." (pg. 289)

August 20th
Time - 32.11
Miles - ?
Results - slow/easy run

August 19th
Time - 1:14.51
Miles - I met Dianna for an eight mile run, which was really good because I never would have finished 8 on my own in this heat/humidity.
Results - I bet you can guess.....of course we had random pacing again. But it's okay, because we were running up/down hills and on/off the pavement. So, what else can be expected? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm reading that book right now. I agree with you... it's a really good one. Until reading it, I had no idea about 3:2 breathing or about stride rate. Also, now that I'm almost through it, I feel much more confident in calling myself a real runner... I think the author really makes you realize how many sizes, shapes, and speeds runners come in... and the common connection that we all have. -Dani, (