Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Crossing States

23rd - A fierce game of tag while I was baby sitting, which I considered my speed workout for the week (20 minutes)

24th - I ran from Connecticut to Massachusetts!!! I can hear all the "ohhhs and awww's" coming from the RBF. Although it sounds impressive, the state line is only a few miles from my house. But one has to know that. :) :) :)
Miles: 6.6
Time: 57.46

25th - I met Dianna and Michele for a run in the trails. Our pace was a little slower than normal, but it was still a great run.
Miles: a little over 5
Time: 51.34

A few highlights since Sunday:
1. I received my 1/2 marathon e-mail confirmation
2. I went to a doughnut shop in town and I was able to resist buying one for myself-shocking!
3. I was finally able to call my sister. It was so nice to hear her voice and catch up a little. (She is in the Philippines so I haven't talked to her/seen her in a long time.)
4. I received a package in the mail from my cousin, which included recipes, a CD, and a new Nike running long sleeved t-shirt. :) (Thank you Kia!!)


Richard said...

I went to a doughnut shop in town and I was able to resist buying one for myself-shocking!Were you buying for others, or was this just a graduate-level test in self-control? If the latter, did you make yourself some kind of medal to commemorate the occasion? :-)

Sounds like some comfortable runs, and absolutely the game of tag counts as a workout... you'll have used a lot of smaller muscles as well, making it even better. Sometimes I think that kids today spend a little too much time in organized sports (often organized sitting-down), and not enough just going out and playing.

Mark I. said...

That's very funny Richard. A good visual for the "donut test"...

a) walk into donut shop
b) commence mouth watering
c) attempt walking out without making a purchase.

You had an action packed weekend April-Anne!

Lafe said...

Good job resisting temptation! You deserve a reward! Have a doughnut... ;)

Susan said...

Frankly, I don't know how you did it. (Resist the donut) I can't even walk in the door!

Richard said...

Oh, Susan, walking in the door's the easy part...

april anne said...

HaHa! Nope, I didn't just go in the doughnut shop to test my resistance. I actually bought half a dozen doughnuts for my family. :)