Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Nocturnal Runner

My normal routine was thrown completely off schedule, because my boss called me into work at the last minute. After I got home from work, I ate a large dinner and bummed around (completely forgetting that I had to run). At quarter of 8 it hit me......."oh my gosh, i forgot to run today". Within two minutes, i was in my sneakers and running clothes, ready to go. It was getting really dark by the end of third mile, so I was happy to see a near full moon which provided some light.

Weather: beautiful night, warm and breezy
Miles: 4 (I'm guessing)
Time: 39.21
Results: No problems, although my pacing was way off. The first mile in the woods was a little scary so I nearly sprinted the whole time. After that, I felt drained and had to slow down significantly.


Jank said...

Wow - I ended up doing a night run this week, too. Kind of nice.

Michelle said...

The point is you went out and ran, regardless of when! Good for you! see you tomorrow.

Lafe said...

Your sprinting through the first mile reminds me of that Nike commercial that featured the young woman outrunning a psycho with a chainsaw. As I remember it, there was some outcry against it and it was eventually pulled... but I thought it was great. :)

Anyhow, good on you for doing your run even though it was late!