Monday, July 19, 2004

A Little Less About Running, More About Life

I had a wonderful weekend at the beach with my friends. It was so relaxing. On Saturday we spent the day at the beach, went crab fishing for dinner, and had a cook out. Around midnight, we took a long walk on the beach which of course brought up some of life's "deep" questions which you never really think about, until you have time to just listen to the waves crash on the shore and wonder what the future will hold. On Sunday, we slept in late and headed to the cliff walk in Newport, Rhode Island. The weather was perfect and the walk was beautiful, right along the coast. A few runners passed us while we were walking, which made me slightly jealous, but I was happy to be with my friends. It was so nice to spend the weekend with my friends from high school. At times, I felt like things had never changed between us. We were all still as crazy as ever, but then again it was a little different this time because Justin and Stephanie are married and Ryan and Kristina have "real" jobs and live out west. We all left high school at virtually the same point in our lives and now we are all at such different places. But, change is good!

So, even though I had packed my running gear, I never had a chance to go for a run. I thought it would be great to go for a run on the beach, but after Sunday night, I realized that sand has to be one of the worst running surfaces, so I'm glad I waited until I was back home.

Weather: sprinkling, slightly humid, 70 (ish) degrees
Time: 52.53
Miles: 6.2 (the Memorial Day 10K race course)
Results: I was feeling good for most of the run, but at the last mile the soles of my feet started burning. After I finished, they were fine again. Hmmm..I wonder what that was about?


Susan said...

Hey, I was in Newport, too, on Sunday! Too many people, but what a fun place.

april anne said...

Susan, you're right! A fun place to be, but way too crowded. We were stuck in down town traffic for almost an hour--and I think we only moved a mile. Oh was still fun!

Jank said...

One of the bennies of working (not living) on the island is getting to hang out and run/bike here during the week, when the traffic is not so awful.

But sounds like a quality weekend. Just wait, though, until your friends have kids. The places get much, much different. We're 6 months into our second (and probably last), and looking forward a couple of years from moving out of baby hiatus to dragging the rugrats out fishing for crabs, etc.

Mark I. said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend!

april anne said...

Jank-it must be so nice to run/bike during the week. I'm jealous! What a great place to raise children. I'm sure they will love making sand castles at the beach and fishing for crabs. :)