Saturday, July 10, 2004

Internal Compass Malfunction

It's Saturday, which means I attempted a longer run. Recently, I have been looking for new longer running routes, because I only know of my two regular ones; one which starts at my house and completes a large circle and the other is a 10K race course, which begins near my house (both primarily on pavement). I was still undecided about where to run, when it hit me.....the dam in town. When I was in high school, I would occasionally run at the dam, which had both paved trails and trails in the woods.

So..... I hopped in the car and set off for my new running route. When I arrived, I could not remember any trails or where to go, so I took a chance and started down a path. After thirty minutes of running on a paved route, I found a yellow dot trail through the woods, which I preferred. I like running on pavement for races, but in general trail running is my favorite. (You just have to watch out for tree roots and pine cones.) My initial plan was to run for an hour, but some where in the midst of the trial, I took a wrong turn (I guess my internal compass was not working) :) which added ten minutes on to my expected time, but that was okay because I was so happy I had found a trail in the woods (and as an extra bonus-part of the trail runs right along the water, so I had a spectacular view and a slight breeze). Now that I know where I am going, I plan on doing a lot more running at the dam, (let's just hope my interal compass works better next time). :)

Weather: sunny, mid 70's
Time: 1:10.37
Miles: I have no idea. I felt like I was running at an average pace, but it was uneven terrain for most of the yellow dot trail, so I was probably going slower than normal
Results: A bit longer than I expected, but overall I was very pleased.