Wednesday, July 14, 2004


As promised, here are my training goals, schedule and running history. :)

I have a few goals. My primary goal is to finish the half marathon on October 9th. My secondary goals include; eating healthier, stop stressing about little things, learning how to pace myself while running, and getting more sleep.

As for training, I have decided to follow Hal Higdon's half marathon training schedule (Novice Program). After reading a few schedules online, I chose Hal's program because it seems the most compatible with my schedule and because my Monday running partner, Dianna, recommend it. If it worked for her last year, I'm hoping it will work for me. :) I really like the flexibility of the schedule. Hal even said, "Adjust the schedule accordingly. Be consistent with your training, and the overall details won't matter." I also like how the schedule is organized Monday through Sunday with one day of rest and only one long distance run a week. I'm excited that I've found a schedule which I believe in and will hopefully enjoy. I can't wait until October 9th! :)

I started cross-country during my freshman year of high school and continued with it for the next three years. When I arrived at college, I was determined not to gain the "freshmen 15" so I started running two to three days a week with a friend down the hall. Actually, it was more like social jogging. :) The next year, I transferred to a new college and started running a few days a week, but it was mainly to counter the fatty cafeteria food. I also signed up for an adventure running class, which I absolutely loved. It was during this time that I fell in love with running again, and not because I was trying to loose weight, but because I really enjoyed it. This past March I started running again. I trained for the Woodstock Memorial Day Race, and on that race day I picked up a registration for the Chaplin Country race, where I met Dianna. I was initially thinking about giving up running for the summer (like I have for the past two years-because of the heat), but after meeting new running friends and hearing their excitement about running and up-coming races, I decided not to give up. Within a few weeks, I sent in my registration for the half marathon, which is when I started this blog.


Marshall said...

Sounds like great goals. My first goal was a half marathon, the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half last year. It was great. Good luck on your training and racing goals.

PS I know what you mean about the heat. It's brutal here in Texas, too. I'll be glad when Fall/Winter roll around.

Susan said...

Welcome to the RBF! You know, if you run with Dianna, you'll need to get a hat!

april anne said...

Hi Susan-you're right, I'm thinking about getting a pink hat! :)
I clicked on the link for your website, but it didn't work, could you send me your website address?