Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Fortune Cookie

Last night I had Chinese food for dinner, and one of my fortune cookies said, "You will conquer obstacles to achieve success". I couldn't help but think of the half marathon, and how I will have to conquer obstacles while running the race, both physically and mentally. Yet in the end, I have faith that I will finish. Now, I'm just hoping my second fortune cookie will come true "Romance comes into your life this year in a very unusual way." LOL

I have not started my "real" half marathon training, but I have been trying to run four to five days a week, at varied distances. Today, I went for a long run and it was just great. I felt like I was going a steady pace and it was wonderful to have a slight breeze. After work, I went back to my running route and clocked the mileage, so I would have some idea how far I ran. The first and last mile-ish are in the woods, so I had to do a little estimating.

(side note - I don't honestly believe in fortune cookies or fortune tellers or anything like that.)

Weather: warm and slightly breezy, mid 80's
Time: 1:01
Miles: 6.3
Results: still feeling good--no pains, no cramps, no problems :)