Monday, July 05, 2004

4th of July Weekend

I just got back from Pennsylvania, and I had a wonderful weekend. We went to Chocolate World, took the speed boat out, made a few stops at Rita's, saw the Note Book (which I recommend as a chick flick), ate at the Hershey Pantry, and of course saw spectacular fireworks. Kristina also gave me cooking lesson (for baked chicken), which I plan on making very soon. I think eating healthy is an essential aspect of preparing for a half marathon, which is something I desperately need to work on---no more dinners of mac 'n cheese and PB&J!!! :)

I was able to go for one short run over the weekend. I ran down the street for 15 minutes and turned around. Chad said it was probably 3 miles total, but I felt like I was running faster than a 10 minute mile, yet with my random pacing--who knows! :) It was nice to have a change of scenery from my normal running route. It was also nice to soak in the hot, sunny weather. I love the long as there is no humidity!

I took Sunday and Monday off, so it's back to the running groove tomorrow!

Weather: sunny and hot, upper 80's
Time: 31.52
Miles: 3 miles? (who knows) :)
Results: It was a good run. I wasn't pushing it and I wasn't dragging.