Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Back to the Dam

I went back to the dam today and not surprising, I got lost again.....but it was okay because it was a perfect night for running and I had no where else to be (I saw a deer again tonight too!). In the process, I found a lot of new trails, so I'm hoping to go back soon to see where they all lead. Maybe I'll bring a running friend with me, who actually has a sense of direction. :)

Time: 1:2.26
Miles: I guessing that I was running 9 and 1/2 min. miles, so maybe six and half miles total, but who knows
Results: a good run, no problems


Jeremy said...

Hi April-Anne,
Thanks for referring me to Marshall! I'm excited to get this thing up and running. I just spent some time poking around your site. Looks great! Glad you had a good run tonight. I wish I had trails to run on - not to many of those in Manhattan. Certainly no dams.

Marshall said...

Sounds like a great run! If you see my latest post you'll see I've been able to do some trail walking and I really liked it. There's an additional level of difficulty and challenge on trails, and I think your brain stays more engaged because you have to focus on the trail, rocks, roots, trees, etc. What do you think? Do you prefer trails to road/track?

Take care and have fun!