Sunday, July 25, 2004

Another Good Weekend

I didn't run today, instead I went to the courts and played tennis with Karin for an hour. I had a lot of fun and it was a such a great work out. I really enjoy tennis because you constantly have to think about your next move, and you get a good work out with out even realizing it. We played until we couldn't see the ball any more, next time we'll have to buy a glow in the dark tennis ball. :)

Weather - I can't remember...It had poured just before I left the house, but I only remember it being cloudy and not too bad during the run
Time - 1 hour
Miles - a little over 6
Results - I joined Dianna for the the first loop of her twelve mile run. It was nice to have a running partner for the long distance run, because it made the time fly by. I was happy with our pace (considering the hills, and slippery terrain). After the run, I stayed in town for the day (after a shower--of course) and went out to eat with a friend at Ruby Tuesdays'. In an attempt to eat healthier, I order the veggie wrap and it was surprisingly delicious. Afterwards, I went bowling with a few friends. Does bowling count as more exercise? I'm thinking not.....with a score of 67! :)

Weather - cool and breezy, 70's
Time - 41.24
Miles - ? (unmarked trails)
Results - I took it easy and spent most of my time in the woods. The best part...I saw a deer!


Anonymous said...

Hi April. Wow, you sure are going strong. Keep it up. You are a good inspiration for Kia. Thanks for "playing tennis" with me on Sunday. I had a ton of fun. Good Luck with VBS. That should be a work out with all those kids. :-) ttyl-Karin