Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I had plans to write a long, thoughtful post on my newest exercise plan, but after reading Brent's post, I just couldn't wait.

I started P90X! You can check it out here.

Not only have I started using the program, but I absolutely love it. I only use it every other day because my schedule is crazy and I don't follow the nutrition plan, but I can tell you that the program works (despite the fact that I don't follow it perfectly).

I don't expect to get 'ripped in 90 days' nor would I want that, but I love that even though I haven't run since the marathon in October I haven't gained any weight and I feel great.

I am one of the most skeptical people I know regarding TV infomercials, but now I'm a believer! Is anyone else P90X'ing?


brent said...

No way!!! Cool. It will be great to get your impressions/perspective. I'm glad you like it, that is good to hear. How long have you been using it? This is my very first 'infomercial' purchase!

Colin said...

I am on my second round of P90X and love it. Totally addicted to it. So much so, that I am signing up as a BB coach, if nothing else, but to get discounts on the other workouts. :)
Keep pressing play!

Brad said...

P90X is no joke. Stick with it. I've been doing it and other Beachbody workouts like Insanity now for 2 years. No more going to the gym doing boring workouts.

If you really like it you should become a Coach. Go to and click on Coach to learn more. Feel free to contact me.

Stick with it. The big changes start coming around Day 30.

Liz Chapman said...

I love P90X! I did it last winter and it kicked my butt. Good luck!