Saturday, November 28, 2009


I think I ate more than ever this Thanksgiving, but it was worth every last bite. There is nothing better than home-cooked food and spending time with family. It's actually my favorite day of the year.

I haven't been running, but I have been working out like crazy (more on that to come in a different post). Overall, I have been eating better too (minus Thanksgiving). I even resisted the Pilgrim shaped cookies one of my students brought to class on Wednesday.

Thanks to Jeff, this is one of my favorite videos of the season. It's worth the 2 minutes.
Check it out here!


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Love the video, April Anne.

Given all the commercial fuss, you would think this was the high point of the religious year, but it isn't. Easter is. Heck, I don't Christmas was even celebrated until it became part of the collective bargaining agreement with pagans.

Somewhere along the line, Christmas became a commercial success and the pressure mounts every year to make it more and more so.

I dislike (hate?) it more and more every year.

I just want to put up my tree. Eat Christmas cookies. Drink eggnog. And go to church.

Damn. I hadn't even noticed that I was standing on a soap box.

Jank said...

I'm all about punting on the gifts ('cept it's good to see the kids' eyes light up; but then again - what is that teaching?)

But eggnog, singing, and standing under the mistletoe are all good.

Happy Thanksgiving.

David said...

Good for you resisting all the things Jon can't.