Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Newport Marathon 2009

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. That is never a good way to start a day, especially on race day. Despite the weather, the day ended with one happy running chick searching the web for her next marathon and smiling about her PR. I have no idea how it happened because I didn't do a step of speed work and I trained at a much slower pace for this marathon.

The course was absolutely beautiful. Runners ran right along the beach and past amazing mansions. I only wish I could have appreciated the views a little more. I was looking down a lot of the time, trying to save my face and eyes from being pelted by the rain.

Miles 1 - 13 (mostly flat) went by quickly. A lot of people were doing the half marathon, so the course was crowded and full of positive energy. I had one very quick bathroom stop at mile 3 (I think it was nerves) and I hit the half way point around 2 hours 4 minutes. I was actually worried I went out too fast and would suffer during the last 13 miles.

Mile 13
I ate my first granola bar, turned on my music, and took 2 Advil because I had a strange pain right at the crease where my hip joins my upper leg (I'm not sure what muscle that is called or even if it is a muscle). Thankfully, the pain quickly went away.

Miles 13 - 21
I was in the 'zone'. At one point I remember thinking, "I could run like this forever." There were a few decent rolling hills during the last half, but I did my best to remember some running 'techniques'.

Mile 21
I had my second and last granola bar. I remembered to drink 3 slips of gatorade or water at every water station along the course.

Miles 21 - 26
I felt good. I was still cold and it was still raining, but the wind was calmer (until the last half mile). I actually think my body was probably in pain, but the terrible weather had me distracted. At the start of the race, I put on a garbage bag and 'throw away' shirt to keep me dry and warm. I fully intended to take both off as soon as I warmed up, but guess what I wore the entire race? You got it: my trash bag. How embarrassing, but it was worth it!

I will admit that I was bummed that I didn't meet any race day friends along the away (particularly no single, young, church going guys). Normally I meet a few people, but this race was very different. NO ONE was talking. I think everyone was too miserable and just wanted to finish.

Post Race
The food was excellent, hot pizza and soup. I actually had a craving for pizza when I was running, so I was very happy to see all the pizza boxes. I took 2 more Advil because the second I stopped running the weird pain I had at mile 13 reappeared. This time it was very intense. Thankfully it went away within an hour or two. Later on in the day, I felt pretty good. The next day, I woke up sore but not sore enough to call in a sick day (although I will admit, I took my class the long way to the playground because I didn't want to walk up/down 2 flights of stairs).

My 2 cent product endorsement goes out to: Clean Definition Telescopic L'Oreal mascara. My mascara stayed on the entire race. :)

Life is Good!


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

WOW! Fabulous race time, April Anne!

Regarding the "strange pain right at the crease where my hip joins my upper leg", I think that's your hip flexor, but I'm not sure. I had the same pain before as well.

Have you seen any race photos yet or you in the plastic bag? Those would be totally cool to have. And there's nothing wrong with having the bag the entire race. Its look like your time didn't suffer at all.

Nice job!

jeff said...

it's the little things that make a race mascara staying on the whole time. you're such a goof!

hey, is that 4:07 a pr for you, or do you have a time closer to 4? still, for not training for 'speed', that's a pretty decent time!

i love that you enjoyed the race and felt good, despite the weather. that right there is a huge success. bummer you didn't get engaged during the race. there's always next time!

Joe said...

what a terrific report!! 4 07 on a rainy windy day, running in a garbage bag the whole way...awesome!! Fascinating how the advil helped so much...reminds me of my second marathon in 1981... that pulled me through!

Sounds like "Hefty Bags" should get a plug from you alongside the mascara.

I think the "low" training level probably left you rested and ready to go... nice job!!

David said...

Proof positive that you are a speedy running chick from CT. Nicely done despite the horrid conditions. And to think that race was my first preference. I'm glad I did Hartford where it was mild (60) and overcast. About peprfect.
Then again, there's something about running in the rain that makes you go faster, just so you can get it over with.

Jank said...

That's an absolutely terrific race, April Anne! So sorry we couldn't make it over; and huge props for running it in the near nor'easter.

So glad to hear you enjoyed it - I need to convince Melissa she needs to run it next fall.