Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Maybe Another Year

I debated for a long time and realized that a fall marathon will be impossible for a variety of reasons but mostly because training will interfere with the other important things in my life like grad school and my new, occasional part job on the weekends which requires traveling. (run-on sentence or what?)

I am not giving up on marathons because I still really want my 4 hour goal to become a reality some day. I'll just have to try another time.

Now, I know one of two things will happen without a fall marathon goal.
1. I'll get very busy, stop running and keep eating a lot junk food and sadly grow out of my jeans.
2. I will keep running because I love to run and it makes me happy. I will learn self control. I will force myself to stay away from the whipped cream and cheese whiz cans. Why is it that food tastes so good when it comes out of a can? :)

I'm crossing my fingers for option #2. Maybe I'll try blogging more to keep myself accountable.

non related: I have been trying to comment on several blogs, but for some reason blogger won't let me comment. Sorry! I have been reading and I am always inspired by your dedication and enthusiasm. Keep it up RBF!


Running Chick said...

How about some half marathons instead...there's New Haven 20K and Niantic in Sept, Hartford and Mystic in Oct...and Colchester in Feb!

I'm sure there's more!! =)

Joe said...

Ditto Di's comment. Make up a series of the plethora of 5Ks...see if you can knock 30 sec off of those times.

Last spring, my knee was bugging me...I morphed to 5 HMs in 9 weeks and had a riot and really learned a lot.

Lots more to running than 26.2. Lots more to cheese than the stuff in the can!!!

Keep it going, AA!!!

Jank said...

Here's a third plea to do the half's this fall.

Sean Lloyd said...

I'll throw a 4th vote in!

I'm trying to get back on track myself and am thinking about signing up for some 10ks, 10 milers, and halfs just to keep things going and give myself something to shoot for.