Sunday, July 29, 2007

One Weekend, Two Races, Two States

Friday night I drove down to Rhode Island for the Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile race. Shockingly I arrived without getting lost, just stuck in traffic for awhile. I quickly met up with David at the designated meeting spot, full of smiles and positive energy, followed by Bill. We waited as long as we could for Michelle, but had to head to the starting line without finding her. We started at the back of the pack and 1/4 mile into the race Michelle and her friends spotted us. We chatted for awhile and headed off at different paces. I ran with David for a bit and then with Bill until mile 4ish.

For the next 6 miles I tried to keep at a steady pace. I felt energized by the crowds and ‘party scene’ neighbors. It was hot and very sunny, but I love the heat. I won’t deny that mile 7 in the shade was wonderful and there were a few difficult spots along the way, but all in all I was happy with my running. After the race the RBF members gathered for race stories and the ‘dreaded’ post race picture. Bill was gracious enough to give two very stinky runners (David and myself) a ride back to our cars where we said our goodbyes.

After the race, I drove over to a friend’s house (she had walked the race, her husband ran the race). I showered and we headed to Charlie O’s Tavern for drinks/food. The food was great and it was fun catching up with more friends, a perfect way to end the night.

Good Times-Good Friends-Can’t wait ‘till next year!
1:26:39 online finish time = 8:40 pace

This morning I drove to Massachusetts to meet relay team friends for the Danskin triathlon. I ran the last leg of the course, the 2.8 mile run. As I headed out for the run, feeling strong and fast, I felt guilty because the other athletes were exhausted after finishing a .5 mile swim and 12 mile difficult bike ride. Yet, the other part of me felt like a Rock Star, I was passing everyone and I had a lot of energy. I had an awesome time!

It was my first time to be a part of relay and also my first time at a triathlon. I loved it. I was inspired by all the athletes and the experience *almost* made me want to train for the whole tri next year. However, that would mean I would actually have to learn how to ‘really’ swim. I don’t think I could Doggie Paddle for half a mile. :)
Lisa\Swim = 16:26
Jenn\Bike = 1:01:12 (There was a Killer hill.)
AA\Run = 20:29


Michelle said...

So fun! Way to go in the heat. It is definately your thing. Did you see any of the WAC chicks at Danskin?

Jank said...

That is an absolute smoking run in the tri.

Don't let the swim scare you - if I can survive, anyone can.

Great to see you - life is good indeed.

David said...

1:26?? You do love that heat, don't you? I hope you had a good enough time to do it again next year. I have it on my calendar already.

Good luck this fall in DC.

Joe said...

Awesome times in both races, AA. Your pix looked great on David's blog too...stylin' all the way!!

Nice runs!

brent said...

great job aa, sounded like a fun time too! it sure would be fun to read about your tri training!! (hint, hint) hehe