Thursday, June 22, 2006

I haven’t run in several days but I have been cross training. Last Friday I played tennis, Saturday I biked and Sunday I went kayaking.

I plan on getting back to a regular running schedule soon. Today was the last day of school. It was difficult saying goodbye to my 5th graders, but I am looking forward to new opportunities this fall.

Things I will miss….
- when my students giggle and wink at me after they see me talking to the young, attractive band teacher (they are always trying to marry me off)
- the way the students encourage and support each other
- "light bulb moments" during a lesson when I hear a student say "Miss. N I get it now"
- the way the students sit quietly, completely captivated by a read aloud story (and of course I do the voices for all the characters) :)

I turned in my classroom key and picked up my new office key at the town hall, where I will start my summer job tomorrow. I wish you a healthy, happy summer!


Jank said...

"light bulb moments" during a lesson when I hear a student say "Miss. N I get it now"

These are the absolute best...

David said...

A happy ending indeed, but the end of school is also a very good thing.

susie said...

AA, I'm glad you had such a great experience. I'll bet you are a wonderful teacher:)

neese said...

awww sweet kids! im sorry you had to say goodbye, they will always remember you i'm sure! happy summer!

massoman said...

light bulb moments are good. they make life juicy.