Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cleaning House

1. Bluff Point Twilight Trail Race
I enjoyed another great race and RBF get together with Michelle, Dianna, Susie, Bill and his wife. As fate would have it, it poured moments before the start of the race and the days prior to the race, so the trails were muddy and full of puddles (and in some cases, mini-lakes). At first we navigated around the puddles but eventually we just ran through them.
Dianna and I ran together for most of the race. We had fun chatting away every now and then, attempting to guess our pace (because her foot-pod battery died), and smiling at the runner in front of us who was Whistling!

I tried to keep my eyes on the ground most of the time because I had to watch my footing. The wet rocks and roots were slippery and I didn’t want to fall. So....when I reached the flat field I thought it would be ‘safe’ to look ahead and ‘casually’ check out the cute Coast Guard Academy guys staffing the first water stop. Bad idea! I don’t know how it happened, but I fell straight down. Thankfully, it only took me a few seconds to get back on my feet and keep running, even though I turned three shades of red in the process.

I stayed with Dianna until the last half mile when she turned on her jet-pack and flew away. It was great to see Bill and his son cheering us on at the end and I was happy to finish with a PR. After the race I realized my knee was little bloody, so Dianna forced me to see the medics. Once again, I was extremely embarrassed. It was just a little cut, but the medic (who also happened to be cute) wrapped it, to make it look as though it was a huge gash. What a race!

It was fun to chat with the Michelle, Susie, Bill and Dianna after the race. If it wasn’t so cold we probably would have stayed longer, but I’m hoping the trail race will be an annual RBF tradition.

2. San Diego
A week from today I will be in San Diego running the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon. The count down is on. I can’t wait!!

3. Memorial Day
Tomorrow is the 10K Memorial Day race in town. I am looking forward to one of my favorite races of the year. The hill during the last mile is a killer, but thankfully the first few miles are mostly flat. I love the small, town races. This will be my seventh time running the course, so it’s always fun to compare times and race stories.

Most important, I will be thinking about the men and women who made sacrifices for our country and remembering the soldiers who are overseas right now. We are blessed to live in freedom! Happy Memorial Day!