Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's a new day!

I hit a new low tonight. I know I don’t eat healthy, but normally don’t eat pure junk. For dinner I ate a slice of cake, chips, and bread with peanut butter. What was I thinking? I didn’t even like the chips, but they happened to be there. I wanted something easy and quick for dinner and that’s what I found.

Afterwards I felt disgusted and after reading Jeff’s post I felt worse. I started answering some of his questions…
Am I avoiding heavily processed foods? No
Am I getting my mineral and vitamins naturally? No
Am I eating to help with my body’s recovery? No

I realized that my habits have to change and they need to change now, especially with a marathon lurking in the near future. I don’t believe in fad diets, but I do believe in a healthy, balanced lifestyle of eating. I know it’s a process and I won’t turn into a “health nut” overnight but I can start with little steps, right?

I’m throwing the chips away and I am going to the market tomorrow. It’s going to be a new day! As Jeff said it’s “time to get serious about what you fuel your body with.”


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Well, ask yourself this:

How big was the piece of cake and was it carrot cake?

Were the chips low fat?

Was the break whole wheat?

I'm thinking that you could get away with this. Heck, I'm thinking I could get away with it!

Sounds like you need meals that are fast to prepare. Maybe you could cook stuff and keep leftovers for the week. Don't tell Jeff, but I will eat canned/processed food if fresh cooked stuff is not around. At least it keeps me from eating my kid's leftover halloween candy.

jeff said...

aa, you have no idea how awesome this post is. i'm so encouraged that this is challenging people to take stock of how they're limiting their true potential through diet.

the tough thing i see, after reading so many blogs, is that folks have a hard time finding options when they either don't cook or are short on time.

i wish i had all the quick meal answers, but i think people need to figure out what works for them. i'm sure, too, that there are plenty of recipe books out there with great ideas on how to eat healthy in both of the above scenarios.

try this, though. get the following:

a big bag of the packaged, fresh spinach leaves
a package of crushed walnuts
a package of dried cranberries
a basket of cherry tomatoes
a bottle of raspberry vinaigrette dressing

toss a little of each into a salad bowl each night, should take no more than 2 minutes, and you've got a great source of iron, vitamin c, etc.

grill up a chicken breast or two at the start of the week, stick them in the fridge and you can slice strips off throughout the week to add some protein to the salad as well.

let me know if you want any other quick fix ideas or healthy, tasty alternatives to bad foods.

Running Chick said...

and i'm here to offer suggestions too!!

(although I like the way jon thinks about chips...)

ncmunchkin said...

I'm right there with you! Man, maybe we can start holding each other accountable on this.

Michelle said...

April-Anne, I'm with you. I wish that I could be more disciplined with my diet but so many times I find myself with a microwavable meal or chips and salsa if I'm feeling gourmet.

brent said...

wouldn't it be great if we could hire a personal chef? i'd love that. i guess for now i make a lot of microwave meals. i should eat more green salads though, i like jeff's recipe idea. i have to take a blog break (i find i am not getting enough sleep!). wish i could me you and the rest of the rbf at new haven. good luck and have fun. see ya!