Friday, May 27, 2005

No More Rain

It has been a good week of running, despite the dismal weather. I think it has rained every day this past week. I heard the weather report today and it looks better for Monday (race day) which is a relief. Two years ago I ran the 10K Memorial Day Race while it was pouring from start to finish. It was an experience I will not forget!

After reading Sarah's recent post, I stopped by the salon this afternoon to talk to my hair dresser. I told her I needed advice. I am trying to grow out my hair long enough so I can put it in a pony tail, to make it easier for running, but my hair is driving me crazy. I feel like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. She told me I had to decide to either cut it real short or have patience. I can’t decide. My sister will be heading to Connecticut this weekend for a visit, so I am sure she will offer some good advice–that’s what sisters are for, right? :)

The pictures below are from the Twilight Trail Race (last Friday). Thank you Bill!


susie said...

Ooooh, hair is such a tough decision. I used to wear mine short, and now I love it long (but it does take more time.) Those pony tails are great for running, though:) Hope the weather improves for you--we finally have had two days of sun!

Sarah said...

I have a lot of hair...but unlike yours, mine is stick straight. I put two little clippies in the front (with an off-center part) to pull some of it away from my face, leaving some bangs. If you want to grow it long, you might just have to go through that "akward" phase :-) It's not fun... I did it my senior year (so, my senior pictures are not really cute!). Hopefully your sister will have some helpful advice!

Good luck on Monday :-) Looks like the weather will hold for us Nutmeggers!

brent said...

have a great, fun race! i love the pictures, very cool.