Thursday, January 13, 2005

Off with the layers

I am extremely excited for tomorrows expected weather (50 F)! It has been so cold the past two weeks the trails have remained snow covered. Perhaps tomorrow will be the first day I will be able to see the forest floor again. I am going to attempt a long run and see how it goes and best of all....I won't have to wear three layers of clothes. So far, all is going well and I am really enjoying being back in my sneakers. Happy Running RBF!
~ Don't forget to check out Jeff's post. He has a great idea! ~

Tuesday - 45.37 minutes
Wednesday - None
Thursday - 26.28 minutes


Jank said...

Hope you get out early today! The weather here is saying more snow by noon. But waking up, it's warm, and our ground is clear by the shore.

I'm almost upset today is a rest day...

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Hey, that 50F brought massive melting and flooding to our area. Spent last night patching my basement wall where the water was pouring in. A little slower warming up please.

Hope your run went well and you didn't get a basement full either.

jeff said...

thanks for the mention! if you want to link directly to
the entry, rather than my main page, you can use:

glad to hear the weather is warming up for you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was 60 here in Massachusetts yesterday! We live on a hill and there was a literal river of water running down our driveway. Today's a sheet of ice. I was disappointed not to have time for a run yesterday, but I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're back to posting again! -Dani,