Saturday, January 22, 2005

no water = no running

Wednesay = no running

Thursday = 22 minutes

Friday = I really wanted to run but I could not find the time. I had an exam in the evening so I spent the entire day studying.

Saturday =(the day of the blizzard) I planned to go for a "long" run because my miles were very low this week. Unfortunately, the water pipes froze so I have been without water since 8 o'clock this morning. I called the maintenance man and he said, "I'll take care of it". It is 10 o'clock now and I am still without water! Without water for a shower I quickly decided that I would not go for a run. I am hopeful tomorrow will be a better day. I plan to go for a run and shovel out my car, which will be a workout in itself.


susie said...

I sure hope you have water by now, april anne! That's no fun. The blizzard didn't hit us as planned. We had less than three inches...and the sun is out today. Hope you are doing ok:)

Anonymous said...


Here I sit, snuggly warm in a PA... AHHH... KIA is RUNNING behind me on her treadmill. She is doing a 4 minute mile! Amazing,eh??? LOL! I am typing 4 words per minute.

Ape-we feel for you. really we do. As we go to the movies and drink hot cocoa and take HOT showers...we'll think of you. poor you. poor poor you.

We know you will get your groove back on tomorrow, as soon as you can. Hey, maybe classes will cancelled tomorrow and you can run ALL DAY, you can run the day away! hey! hey! hey! (I'm a poet, and i didnt even know it!)

Seriously...we do feel bad for you. We wish you were here with us in PA this weekend. maybe next time?

Good luck shoveling out your covered car! (better you than me!!)

love, your slap-stick sister, Dawn and cooky cousin, Kristina

brent said...

hope your exam went well.
thats terrible to be without hot water. speaking of studying while running, i did actually consider bringing some notes with me last night but i decided to leave them behind at the last minute. :)

Jank said...

Hope the digging out went well! And I can sympathize over a week of missed targets. But here's to weeks that exceed expectations in the future!

rachelita said...

Hope you're recovering from the snowstorm! I can't believe you're without hot water-- I wouldn't run either under those conditions!